Balance One - Prioritising Traffic


I’m new to the forum (and the world of Peplink having recently acquired a Balance One) and could use some advice.

I live in Thailand where most ISPs international bandwidth is pretty lousy. So I have 2 ISPs on the Dual WAN router. One is better than the other for international traffic (averaging 2.5m vs 1.0m for the other). Below I’ll refer to this as WAN1.

I stream TV from a Slingbox located in London and WAN1’s speed is fine for this purpose but it is spotty using WAN2. I use a NeoTV Prime as my Slingplayer at this end. Other than the occasional download the only other use I have for the net is typically web surfing/ email etc.

What I would ideally like to do is have the NeoTV box default to WAN1 and all other traffic use WAN2.

I have tried setting Audio/Video streaming to high priority but that, of course, doesn’t do what I am aiming for.

The problem is that when I load the Slingplayer it often routes the traffic via WAN2 with resultant pauses in playback. The only way I can get round this at the moment is to login to the router and disconnect WAN2, load the Slingplayer and then reconnect WAN2. Then, as WAN1 is now receiving a fair bit of data from the Slingbox, most other traffic gets directed down WAN2. So this works fine but is a less than elegant solution especially if I’m watching TV in the lounge and have to return to the home office to access the router.

Anyone have any idea if what I’m aiming for is achievable and if so how?

Any help would be much appreciated.

@Bugsy, this is easily accomplished by creating a custom outbound rule forcing the traffic from the NeoTV box to use only WAN1 based on its IP address or MAC address.

You can see I am new to all this as I’d assumed that as it was ‘inbound traffic’ that the Netgear was processing then it was that that needed influencing not outbound. :rolleyes:

A touch embarrassing but never mind. I’ve amended the settings - job done.

Many thanks for your help.