Balance One PEPVPN Peer Licenses


This is a feature request for the Balance One series.

The Balance one is limited to only 2 PepVPN peers. A license is available for 20 PepVPN peers, but it costs several times the original cost of the router. I don’t have a need for 20 peers. I have a requirement for 5 peers.

I use PEPVPN just for sending syslog information to a central syslog server. As there is no security on syslog, I have to send over PepVPN.

I think there is a case for purchasing licenses for single PEPVPN peers for these lower cost routers. In my case I would buy 3 extra licenses which would be affordable, whereas the 20 Peer License is too expensive for this use.

Cheers, just my $.02



Steve I agree with your wish but in the meantime you can do this with ipsec von.


Thanks. I had not considered that.



This is a good suggestion Steve. We will look into it. Thanks.