Balance One Outbound Policy question

I have a question on the “how” something works…

I have a gaming PC that uses one connection for gaming and a secondary connection for downloading stuff (game updates). Unfortunately, the PC uses port 80 for both downloads and game data. Because of this, I have an outbound policy for the PC that I toggle on and off.

Usually, I forget to flip the switch and a download starts on the wrong connection, so I pause the download, flip the switch, wait for the active sessions to timeout (60 seconds) [I confirm via the Active Sessions status page]. Then, I will try the download again (this time with the policy to use the “fast” connection). Sometimes it works as expected; but sometimes the downloads go to the wrong connection. The only surefire way to get the downloads to go out the connection I want is to disconnect the one I don’t want.

What am I missing?

Does the PC have two ethernet ports or are you referring to two WAN connections?

I’m not sure of any gaming companies that host the updates and the game on the same server, this doesn’t mean it isn’t being done by someone. I would check to see if you can find a list of IP addresses that the gaming server is hosted and a list of IP addresses that the update server(s) are hosted at. Would allow you to create OBP rules using the destination IP/domain to control what WAN is being used.

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Thanks for responding!! I guess my real question is “how long do I need to wait before resuming a download so that it gets moved to my other WAN?” I was waiting the 60 seconds for the session to timeout, but then the next session between the two IP addresses goes back to the original WAN connection. Perhaps waiting an additional minute is the answer…