Balance One - Local DNS issue


We have 3 WAN with multiple ISPs and using Internal Microsoft DNS, required for local dns resolution.
We have also mutiple outbound rules, however some machines on our network although configured with priority WAN 1, WAN 2, WAN 3, will have traffic for some sites (example Youtube) redirected to WAN 3 although WAN 1 & 2 are unused


Google uses several different domains for the youtube traffic and you would need to create multiple outbound rules based on the domains listed here:



Could you explain if this rules should be applied to other domains or


I know Netflix also uses several domains and I’m sure there are others too.



Tom I have read the document that shows how to block traffic to YouTube
hosts however it doesn’t explain why for some machines that should have
traffic routed through a specific WAN are diverted to another one. In our
case we don’t have any outbound rule for YouTube…


We will need more input from you. Please provide a screenshot of your outbound policy rules and let us know which ones are not working correctly.



I can give you the credentials to the router if you want to to connect


Please open a support ticket for further investigation.