Balance One L2tp VPN Issue

My Mac connects to the Balance One just fine, but I can’t connect to any other devices on the untagged LAN. I have the Inbound Firewall Rule that allows traffic from Any WAN to the Network Untagged LAN. The event log show proper connection and disconnection. Firmware is 8.1.3.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Thank you

I moved the Firewall Rule from Inbound Firewall Rule to Internal Network Firewall Rule and it works. Is this safe? The rule is:
Protocol - Any
Source - Any
Destination - untagged LAN

Thank you.

I’m don’t have a whole lot of experience with the peplink balance firewall but I think I can help with the issue in a general manner.

If the rule on the internal network helped, the problem might be the return traffic is getting translated with NAT (one usually has to add a “do not NAT” exception from the inside to the network you defined in the VPN configuration) the rule you put in the internal network might be doing the trick with the do not NAT. That said, you should keep your firewall rules as specific as possible, I would put the VPN network in the source address so it won’t permit more traffic than intended.

Let me know if it worked!

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