Balance One high packet loss



I am on Balance One firmware 7.1.0 build 3433. Recently I dedicated some time to strengthen my LAN stability and I employed the PingPlotter tool to do some of the heavy lifting for me.

Running it from my LAN desktop nodes I have noticed a very high packet loss at the first hop, which is my Balance One router. Since PingPlotter has been configured to probe the connection in 1 second intervals, I don’t think it’s just router dropping ICMP packets… I’ve tried configuring PingPlotter to use ICMP, TCP (HTTP), UDP to no avail - first hop PL% is always very high, close to 90%.

I am wondering is there anything I can do to troubleshoot it in the router? Or is it an expected behavior when using PingPlotter or any other automated network quality testing software with Balance One?

Your help is much appreciated!



I noticed the same thing when I used Ping Plotter on my Balance One running firmware 7.1.0.

I just upgraded to firmware 7.1.1 and so far it seems to have fixed the problem.