Balance One drops WAN connection

Hello everyone,
I received a new Balance One today and was excited to get it up and running.

But I noted some strange behaviour. The Balance One does drop the WAN port/connection randomly. I can see a “No cable connected” in the event log. Occasionally I see a “DNS healtcheck failed” error, when I change settings and sometimes I can see a reboot for no reason.

This is behaviour is more likely to happen, when I run some speed tests.

It’s connected to a FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable which is used by my ISP to setup cable internet. It’s set to static ip.
The FritzBox does not have any events or drop-outs and it is used with another router (which i wanted to replace with the Balance One) without any problems.

Any ideas or settings i can/should test?

Firmware 7.0.2

Thanks and regards

Would you please open a support ticket here for support team to check ?

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did that this morning :slight_smile:
Did also activate Remote Assistent.