Balance One Core for load-balancing two 5mb DSL and one metered 30mb LTE (T-Mobile) connection?


Is this the best product for this scenario?


@Golden_Jimmy Balance One Core can work, but your LTE connection has to be connected via our USB port, with a cellular-dongle. Alternatively, you can consider using a Balance 30 LTE, which comes with build-in cellular module that you can connect with your sim card.


The Balance 30 LTE is definitely the best bet, and to be more specific the Balance 30 with LTE Advanced if you are using T-Mobile. The LTE-A model supports T-Mobile band 12 so you’ll have compatibility with all of their networks this way.


Thanks for weighing in Kv and Kevin. :+1:

And that’s why I told you to drop in here Jimmy. :wink:


Just placed an order for the Balance 30 with LTE Advanced from 3gstore. Thank you Chen, Kevin and Steve.


Hello @Golden_Jimmy,
Congratulations on your purchase.

For others in the future considering what to use, if you do not need all of the ports offered on the Balance 30 (as you have a separate network switch, then consider a MAX Transit, they are an amazingly packaged unit, see previous posted comment here:

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Thanks to you as well Marcus. You always have good info. :+1:

But just to clarify for Jimmy, I assume you mean have a separate managed switch, as opposed to an unmanaged switch. Either will work for providing more ports, but if you eventually want to configure ports for more advanced functions (e.g., defining VLANs) and you don’t have them to spare on the router, your downstream switch will need to be managed.

But again, great info. Cheers!


Hello @scuba_steve,
Yes that’s a good point to clarify on, if you wish to use VLANs, then you will need to add in a managed switch.
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Marcus :slight_smile: