Balance One cannot VPN to AD Domain

I wonder why AD Domain VPN login is supported only from 210 onwards, assuming this is a software feature. Our cheap QNAP NAS unit does this, why Balance One users would be required to spend other money to swich to other units when this is clearly a software feature. Please staff at Peplink include this also in Balance One!

BTW in these Coronavirus days, it means buying a new appliance… wouldn’t you enable this, at least Radius authentication as in 30+ series?
Well, sorry, but I am going to buy an Edgemax router that will do this for 50$


I have moved the threads under feature request to allow Engineering team to consider this. Thank you

I think a fusionhub can do AD authentication, you could (if you have the infrastructure) run one up for free.

We don’t have this setup. Is it complex stuff or what is it required?

if you don’t have any virtual infrastructure then it makes it a bit more difficult.
I guess if you have a windows 10 pro pc/laptop or windows server then you could run hyper-v for free on it and then run the fusionhub solo on that with the vnic linked to a bridged virtual switch. Then just port forward to the fusionhub for the openvpn/l2tp settings you need.

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James I really appreciate your efforts. For now we will grab a cheap EdgeMax device and run VPN server on it, forwarding authentication to the RADIUS service running on Windows Server.

Thanks again!

AD , Radius, etc. The hole stack in the authentification manual page of the instruction documents would be nice.