Balance one, can it work with multiple celular modems?

I’m considering buying the peplink balance one, and I wonder if it will work in my scenario.

I have several celular modems (usb sticks) and a usb multi port hub,
If I connect the hub to the balance one router, will it know to use all the celular modems ?

If not, how would you recommend to use several celular modems with the balance one ?

No, USB WAN is for a single USB modem.
Your best way is to use a cellular router with ethernet ports and then use WAN1 and WAN2 on the Balance ONE. A BR1 Mini would work nicely for this.
You should also consider looking at the Transit DUO with PrimeCare as this is a very affordable product and has some amazing features for its price!
Thank You


Peplink still sell the MAX 700 I think (supports 4 USB dongles) but it maybe special order as I haven’t seen one in years. But Sam is right you should look at the MAX Transit Duo for dual modem quad sim.


MAX 700 is still available! SKU is MAS-GN2-R.
The price is double that of the Transit DUO with PrimeCare (but you do get 4x USB WAN with the MAX 700)
Personally, I would go with the Transit DUO with built in cellular modems.