Balance One and BR1


I am trying to learn a system that has already been configured by others which is always harder than starting from the beginning.

On I have a Balance one. On I have a BR1.

The BR1 has a SIM card in and the SIM card has plenty of data.

When I connect to the Ssid provided and input the pw it gives me an IP address in the range xx.xx.25.xx and a router of xx.xx.25.1.

I am unable to connect to the internet with these settings either by WiFi or by devices such as TVs connected by wire.

On my phone if I use a manual up setting and keep the IP and subnet the same, but this time change the router to xx.xx.50.1 I get internet instantly. I turned off cellular data on my phone to check and it still works with data off.

There is a strange thing that the internet was working when connected by WiFi 1-2 days ago … the system rebooted (or something) around a similar time.

So my question is, what’s going on?

When connecting to the WiFi, the correct ip/router etc should be passed to my phone?

Why when I put in the direct IP address of the Pepwave does it work?

Any suggestions or places to look would be greatly appreciated.


Hi. First things first. Can you login to the web interface of the balance one - do you have credentials?

If you can, check the dashboard on the first page and see what it is telling you about the WAN with the connected BR1.

I suspect it will show it has failed and that this will be a false positive.

If you can’t login to either device - fault finding this is going to be tough.

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