Balance: Firewall: Country ACL

Allow firewall rule (ACL) creation by country,

for example by importing an maintaining country databases from Create an Access Control List to Block Countries or Continents


Got you. ACL is one item we can expand on the firewall. We will evaluate its demands accordingly. Thanks for raising this.

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i would like to second this request

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Still not loving the Russian and Chinese connections on our Exchange IMAP4 and SMTPS ports.

A very good time to raise this topic again, this feature will roll out in 7.2.0 firmware, bundle with the Grouped IP Network for Outbound Policy and Firewall Rule.


Thank for including this feature, and I can’t wait to test the beta.

Hi @Noel_C, I know this was implemented through InControl around 2021-2022, but would you consider implementing at the router level? This is a very important feature for SOHOs to fight spam and ransomware. I consider it an important security feature, something that should not sit behind the paywall of a paid warranty/subscription.
cc: @Kurt_See /

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