Balance 710 master with balance 380 as spare in HA


Topic, just curius if its possible?


Hello Astryukov,

While you are free to try this, Peplink doesn’t provide support for this type of setup. We advise using the same device - including hardware revision - using the same firmware when setting up HA. This ensure’s all features that are being used on the Master will be supported if the Slave has to take over.


This topic might be a nice read:

A quote of @Jason in the comments of this topic was this:

@Zach_Tangen Has anything changed in the recent firmwares that allows the Peplink devices to be different models when setting up HA?


We have not added any support in the firmware that I’m aware of for setting up different models in HA.


Thanks for the clarification Zach!


Thank you. Ok, I’ll find other use of B380.