Balance 710 - Firmware Upgrade Conflicts


I am attempting to install a config file onto a Balance 710 test unit, where the config has been copied from a working 710 device. This is in order to analyze any immediate configuration changes when later upgrading to 6.2.2.

However, the unit I am carrying out this test on has been factory reset to firmware 4.5.0, and will not accept the live config from the unit on 5.4.9. Therefore I tried to update the test unit to 5.4.9 (firmware file was obtained from but it states that the image file is not being accepted.

Can anyone offer a solution or alternative method? Do I need some intermediate firmware between these two? I did search for a firmware version between the two but could not find any.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Appreciate if you could PM me with your SN of B710 unit (running 4.5.0) and i’ll send further instructions on upgrading the device.