Balance 710 change the order of firewall rules

Dear Support,

I have Balance 710 running 7.1.0 build 2287
. I can’t change the order of firewall rules.
i found 380 has same issue and can update frimware to fix it but i didnot see any firware can fix this issue.
Thank you.

Point at the dots on the left side of each rule. The mouse pointer will change to a hand. Drag them to the order you like. If that isn’t working for you try a different browser.

Dear Don_Ferrario,

i saw the point at the dot change to a hand and I can move it but after leave the page or refresh the page, it is going back to the original position.

i also tried MS edge and Chrome browsers and it does not work too.

please advise. Thank you a lot.

Dear Don,

any update on my case ? Thank you

Did you click Apply Changes on the top right corner?

Dear Don,

When you change the order of firewall rules, the “Apply Changes” is gray out. But if you make a change of this rules, you could press the “Apply changes”
Thank you.

This was resolved back in 7.1.1 firmware and you can reference 18325 in the release notes here.