Balance 580 Suddenly Slow

Our 580 has been working great. Suddenly today though our throughput has dropped dramatically. A normal speed test on our network will get you close to the speeds of our 100mb Fiber. Today though i’m unable to get more than 6 or 7. I plugged in to our WAN connection directly and the speeds return to normal, but plugged directly into the peplink the speeds drop. This seems to indicate its definitely something on the peplink. It does show our current total throughput as being around 30-40mb which is about normal, and no where near saturated.

We’re during production hours now and I’m offsite tomorrow. Is there a service or something else that can be reset to save a full blown reboot?

Please open up a support ticket and attach a diagnostic report first:

Submitted, thank you!

Wanted to post an update in case anyone stumbles on this in the future. This was actually the uplink port to the Peplink coming from our Cisco 3750 going bad. Rebooted the Peplink and port completely died. Switched to a new port and everything is back to normal.

Thanks for the update!