Balance 50 Firmware 7.0 download?

Hello Peplink Support,

For a Peplink Balance 50, I do not see firmware 7.0 being offered on the Peplink Firmware Download Page. Instead is this:

Currently the BPL-050 Hardware Revision 2 is running fw 6.3.3 build 3231.

Is the new download the correct firmware? Seems off.

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Hello @seaward,
Are you able to confirm the version of Firmware you are seeing when you use InControl2, you can upgrade from there as a alternative?

I can confirm the current offering on the Peplink website has an error in the URL, though the firmware for a Balance 50 is the same as a Balance 20 and a Balance 30 from past experience.
You can get the firmware for Balance 50 Version 7.0.0 with this URL of
(same as on the website for a Balance 20 & 30 LTE).

Hello Peplink Support,
The incorrect URL that @seaward has mentioned above appears to also be in the Firmware page for 6.3.3 incorrectly too (URL of, the best representation of the firmware for these models appears with Firmware release 6.2.3 where the four models have been consolidated into the one button as in the attached image below.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking that. 7.0.0 Build 3310 appears as an option with InControl2 firmware management. But will wait just to have clarification and the right web link to download from.

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Hi guys, the link representation has just been adjusted on all firmware download pages. Thanks for your feedback!

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