Balance 380 WAN port use same subnet IP

I have a internet broadband ( 100Mbps / 8 Fixed IP )
May I assign 3 IP address to Balance 380 β†’ 3 WAN port for operation ?
For example ~
WAN 1 :
WAN 2 :
WAN 3 :

Remote site: another poplink 380 and build the speedfusion VPN

yes I don’t see why not.

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Assign your first external IP in the WAN setup as usual. Bottom of the WAN setup page is a box for additional external IPs.

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Thanks for reply. We don’t want to use single line for multiple ip connection, my ISP do the bandwidth limitation per Ip for international in China , so if the peplink supports same segment , multiple ip in WAN connection , we can get more bandwidth.
That means: 50Mbps 50M/10M (local /international )
If it work , we will get 50M/30M with Peplink 380
Hope it works as well