Balance 380 VLAN

Hi Guys

I need to setup VLAN’s so that my different IP subnets route out via multiple gateways. GW - Wifi devices GW - PC’s GW - VOIP phones GW - Wifi Guest

Is this possible and how do I go about setting it up?

Hi @Gavin_Pitt,

Yes, this is possible.

You can configure VLAN’s under ‘Network’ > ‘Network Settings’, in the web admin interface.
In some older firmwares you will have to enable VLAN manually.
You can see how in the following example:

You will have to click on the blue question mark (?) to find the ‘press here’.
It should look like this after enabling VLAN or upgrading your firmware version:

Thanks, Is it possible to do this without using VLAN ID’s as we have some old Layer 1 switches etc?

Hi @Gavin_Pitt,

This should be possible with most Layer 1 switches, but not all Layer 1 switches support this.
You’re better off buying some new Layer 2 switches, this will surely support it.

Your WiFi accesspoint(s) will need to support multiple SSID’s with VLAN support.