Balance 380 SNMP Issue

We have 11 380’s running 8.0.2 build 2721. All but one will allow SNMP, I set it it up just like the other 10, nothing will work. Nothing in the event logs. Any thoughts before I open a ticket?

  1. May I know where is the SNMP server? At the WAN side or one of the remote SpeedFusion peers of the Balance 380 with SNMP issue?

  2. The Balance 380 with SNMP issue can ping (System > Ping) to the SNMP sever? E.g. if the SNMP server is located at the WAN side of the Balance 380, please select WAN interface to ping it.

  3. Ensure the Balance 380 with SNMP issue has an identical setting with the rest which are working fine.

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