Balance 380 ~ Multiple USB WWAN


I know it currently supports only one USB WWAN., will the Balance 380 be capable of having multiple USB WWANs? If so, would it support Speedfusion Bandwidth Bonding on the WWAN?


All of the Peplink Balance routers only support one USB WWAN and there are no plans to change this, but the connection can definitely be used with SpeedFusion.


It would be a nice feature to add to the Balance 380. It would allow more WWAN throughput and/or redundancy if the WAN connections have an outage.



I forgot to ask, why are their dual USB ports on the Balance 380 if it only will support 1 WWAN? Firmware upgrades? Future proofing?



Both USB ports are for Mobile Internet. But you only can use 1 at a time.

Can both USB’s be configured and fail over between them or is it just one modem that will work at a time?

Only one modem will work at a time.

Hi Tim.
So only one modem will work at a time but is it possible to have two inserted and configured so they can fail over between the two modems?

No, only one can be inserted at a time…

Thanks Tim S.
Question was hard to ask and hard to answer but we have the answer!