Balance 380 inbound access > server cluster

I’m using a 380 with all three WANs hot.

I’m distributing (load balancing) the inbound traffic across multiple servers for each WAN IP.

Question - is there a limit on how many servers I can load-balance behind a WAN IP?

Currently I’m using 5 servers because I was running into some erratic behavior when I went over that, but I can’t find any conclusive docs saying there is a limit.

Also note that each WAN IP includes a block of routable IPs - so WAN 1 has maybe 5 routable IPs (added under Additional Public IP Settings). Each Public IP is being used to distribute inbound traffic across multiple servers (currently 5 each). So, WAN 1 has about four Inbound Access > Services rules, each one with 5 servers load-balanced.

Hope this makes sense. In summary my question is - is there a limit to how many servers can be load-balanced behind a Public IP? Currently I’m using 5 per Public IP, but I would like to use more.


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