Balance 380 / Hardware Rev 1 - Ethernet Ports 10/100

I’m new to Peplink and am working on a Balance 380.

What I’m confused about is that the ethernet ports are 10/100 and says 10/100 on the face plate when you look at it up close. Yet the specifications on web site today states that Balance 380 is GbE interfaces (10/100/1000).

Was there a hardware revision change that effected this? Or some sort of license needed to enable GbE?

What are the specifications of a Balance 380 / Hardware Rev 1? If it is only 10/100 what’s the “router throughput” for a hardware rev 1 Balance 380 as I don’t see how it can be 170Mb/s with a 10/100 LAN interface.


Hardware Rev 1 of the Balance 380 does indeed have 10/100 ports and the router throughput is rated at 170 Mbps. A 10/100 port operating at 100M Full Duplex is actually capable of sending and receiving at 100M simultaneously, for a total of up to 200Mbps of data traffic.



Good point and Peplink would not be the only vendor that counts that way. Calling 10/100 - FastEthernet a 200Mb interface is certainly not novel. Care to share how the 170Mb/s throughput was determined? E.g. RFC2544. Could I achieve 170Mbps with 64 byte frames using both inbound and outbound balancing? Obviously that’s not a very realistic traffic size but neither is 1500 byte frames if that is what is required to obtain 170Mb/s of throughput.

Thanks for the quick response - appreciated.