Balance 310X Sim Card

I have 2 sim cards inserted and the peplink shows the interface as “Resetting”. It says no sim card detected. FW 8.0.2. When I hit support.cgi page and check for fw update for the cellular porttion, it just says “try again later”. Any thoughts?

Edit: Ticket # 20080181

What carrier are you using? Cat 12 or Cat 18 version? I’m having trouble with my Cat 18 with my AT&T SIM… it shows either Resetting or “SIM PIN incorrect or required.” Peplink Support is looking into it.

Cat 18 and Verizon. Thanks. I have a ticket in as well, no response yet though.

Same issue here. I have a hardware revision 2. In another revision 3 everything is working fine. I have the Cat 18.

I also tried fimrware 8.1.1 without luck.

For my issue, it ended up being that the SIM cards needed to be flipped over in the peplink.