Balance 310 or 380


My client has a Ubiquiti nano bridge between two sites that provides approximately 80Mbs throughput. Additional he has a Comcast cable Internet connection that provides about 20Mbs. We want to improve the fault tolerance by putting in a Peplink Balance at each end and establishing a SpeedFusion site-to-site VPN across all WAN connections, i.e. the nano bridge circuit and the Comcast circuit. According to the spec sheets the 310 only provides 30Mbs throughput on the SpeedFusion VPN. Is there a way around this or must the client purchase Balance 380 for each end if he want’s to maintain his existing throughput? TIA


I would suggest you use a pair of Balance One Core routers and then add the SpeedFusion License. The Balance One core has a much higher throughput and would be a better fit. The only disadvantage is that is only has dual WAN links. Do you need that third link for future growth?