Balance 310 - Load Balancing Impaired - Two ISPs Similar Source

Hi, thanks in advance for any insight into this problem. I am using a Peplink Balance 212E multi-wan router. Been using it for 3 to 4 years successfully. I have two ISP’s providing internet to me via wifi. One on WAN 1 and the other on WAN 2. Recently one of the providers switched his supplier of bandwidth/connectivity and is now using the same source as the other. They first six digits of the WAN public IP’s are the same now. One provider has me NAT’d to a fixed public IP whereby I enter a fixed IP in the WAN setting on my router. The 2nd provider is using PPPOE and I am required to enter a username and password. When that connection is made I get a public IP that is the same every time and as I mentioned has the same first six digits and the other providers public IP.

My problem is that when the 2nd provider switched my network became very, very slow. Provider 1 normally gives me up to 6 meg of bandwidth and provider two allows up to 10 meg. Now I have had to turn off one WAN in order to actually make it usable. There is some sort of conflict going on and the router isn’t able to deal with it. When both WANs are live the connection to the internet is crawling. Either one works fine as long as the other is turned off. Don’t understand why, any help?

Hi Eric, first of all what is a Balance 212E and what firmware version are you running on it?

Having two different WAN IPs in the same range shouldn’t be an issue so perhaps we need to dig a little deeper. I’d be fascinated to see what a network capture looks like with both WANs connected - that should show traffic flows and might give an indication as to whats going on.


My mistake, it is a Balance 310 with firmware 5.2.2 build 1396. I guess I mucked up the title of my question. I think I do have Wireshark loaded on my computer, do you think that might help troubleshoot?>

Hi. The first thing we’d do is update your FW. 5.2.2 is quite ancient. Between then and now (8.0) the improvements have been quite significant.


Ok great! First I would suggest a firmware upgrade. It sounds like you have a B310 Hardware 1 in which case you should be able to get to 6.3.4 I think (but you need to upgrade to 5.3.12 first) Go here and do that

if you visit the support.cgi page you should see the option to perform a network capture on the b310 itself

Proper analysis of that capture would likely help (if the firmware upgrade doesn’t fix it by itself).

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I have saved my configuration file and downloaded the 6.1 file, I have begun the upload of new firmware. Hope I don’t lose configuration.

Just got a firmware upgrade failed message.

You have to go to 5.3.12 first. Did you?

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Doing it now.

It is done. The firmware archive shows that 5.3.12 is the latest for hardware 1 models.

Yes, but 6.3.4 doesn’t say that B310 hw 1 is unsupported in the release notes. I’d try it again now you’ve upgraded to 5.3.12 and see what happens.

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I am at 5.3.12 now, I get a “firmware upgrade failed” message when I attempt to upgrade to 6.3.4.

Plugged WAN 2 in again and it caused WAN 1 bandwidth to drop from 6 meg to under 1 meg.