Balance 310- HW1 Maximun Throuput

Hello team,

We currently have an Balance 310-HW1 and I would like to know the maximum throughput of the device. The issue is that the CPU is reaching 100% and the HW1 isn’t capable of upgrading to another firmware. We are thinking of upgrading the internet feed to 3x10MBps so we would like to know if it is required to also upgrade the peplink to another model.


Thank you in advance.


As far as I’m aware, the Balance 310 HW1 is no longer officially supported by Peplink.
If I remember correctly, the maximum router throughput of the Balance 310 HW1 is 100 Mbps.
@sitloongs, can you confirm this?

The Balance 310 is currently at HW4, with firmware 7.0.2.
The Balance 310 HW1 can not be upgraded past 5.x.x firmware.

My personal advice would be to invest in a new unit.
If you’re based in Europe, you can contact me if you want to get this sorted.

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@Joey_van_der_Gaag You are right :sunglasses:

B310 HW1 is a very old model that only support 50Mbps router throughput and can not be upgraded past 5.x.x firmware.

@MariosR I would suggest to invest a new unit :+1: to enjoy the new features.


Hello guys,

Thank you for your prompt responses. Probably we will go for a new model.

Have a nice day.