Balance 310 does not use balance efficiently!


I have 3 connection 2 with 12M down and 1 up and 1 with 4 up and 1 down, when am uploading big files my balance does not use the one with 4 up! please help.

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You will want to take a look at the outbound policy rules and how there setup. By default it uses the lowest latency algorithm. Once a session is started basically, the Balance sends a latency check to all the WAN connections and whichever WAN is reporting back to the balance with the lowest latency it will send that session out that particular WAN.

I figured that but I need it to harvest the “power” of the 3 connection for upload! how ?

You could just create a new outbound policy rule and choose Priority as the algorithm with WAN 3 being the highest priority.

OK I managed to do it but now am wondering if I put more specific rules at the top or the more general ones ?
Let me explain, I have a technical constraint that forces me to do this:

and the rule that harvest the upload the best is this :

which one should I put first

Yes but since there will be no clear distinction on which criteria the connection should be used it will mess up with the other rules no ? the thing is what to put first more specific or more general rules ?

To gain the “Power” of the 3 connections this would essentially be our SpeedFusion technology which will allow you to bond the 3 WAN connections to obtain aggregated throughput of all your WANs. Otherwise to use all of the WAN connections you may want to look into using the Overflow Algorithm and put WAN 3 on the top of the list. Basically this will send all traffic out the first WAN on the list and once it reaches 90% saturation it will then start sending new sessions out the next WAN on the list. Currently it is not possible to create a rule just for upload to use a particular WAN. Also, Outbound Policy rules take precedence top to bottom.

The outbound policy rules are executed firewall-style, from top to bottom. So you would want to put the more specific rules on top.

BTW, the rule you created to harvest the upload speed of WAN 3 is not correct. In your example you are giving all connections an equal weight of 10, so the sessions will get spread across all the connections equally. You should change it to Priority and put WAN 3 as the highest priority.

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If the file or object your sending is a single file, it is sent across one socket (normal), it can only be sent out one WAN. To use 3 WAN’s with a single file, the data/file needs to be split into 3 parts and sent concurrently.

SpeedFusion will do that, but you can only send to a destination that you own and have purchased and set up such a matching Peplink device.

Some web brower plugins allow splitting of downloads, but not uploads. Uploads cannot be split, because the destination server/receiver, doesn’t offer a split file receiving service.

The bottom line is you cannot speed up uploads of a single file to anyone, by just using a Peplink. However, if your sending many files concurrently, then that will be done across all the WAN’s concurrently and the overall throughput is utilized.