Balance 310 5G - USB WAN Setup Problems (Resolved via FactoryReset)


FW 8.1.2, Balance 310 5G

First, i don’t see the Questionmark to change the USB port to the USB-Ethernet one?

Second, when i try to exit the Setup-Window i get this error message:


Best regards, Martin

Martin - are you using the 5G firmware on your device?

Hi, have to check it. I just pressed “Check for new firmware” and updated it…

Yes, i am using that firmware.

I also noticed, that the LAN1 port (there is a laptop connected with 1GBit/s) is not showing up as connected in InControl. Also, is a CPU temp of 76°C for idle ok?

I was also wondering why the Dashboard does not have the Drag’n’Drop WAN connections like our Max Transit Duo 8.1.2 is having? I thought FW 8.1.2 is the same on all models?

This message also does not disappear…

Ok, problem resolved. The router needed a factory default reset, now the message disappeared and i also have the option to switch to usb-ethernet!

:+1: Good deal!

I also was able to fix this on two 310 5G’s with a factory reset.