Balance 310 5G - Modem 1 - LTE issues


just testing our new Balance 310 5G router, and we have some issues with modem1. Modem2 is working like it should with a 4G SIM, it makes a LTE-A connection, 2 Bands, Carrier Aggregation, all good.

But Modem1 makes only a LTE connection, 1 Band, no Carrier Aggregation, and also shows a wrong Carrier-Name (Orange instead of Drei). Modem1 has 4 Antennas Cat-20, Modem2 is a Cat-12 one. Changing the SIM-Cards results in the same behavior.

We don’t have a 5G SIM here yet, just 4G SIMs for now. But, it couldn’t be that the Modem1 5G/LTE is not as good as the Modem2 LTE !?

Balance 310 5G is running on FW 8.1.2 build 5126, the support.cgi page only lists the Firmware for Modem2(, but not for Modem1?

Can anybody help to figure out the issue? Thanks!

Best regards, Martin