Balance 305 Vlan Limitation


Is there a know limitation to the amount of Vlans that can be set up on a Balance 305 ( up to 128 )? We are having issues with the interface locking up when we get over 50 Vlans.


Wow. More than 50 VLANs?! What is the use case?


Hi Martin,

Executive suites. Each suite would have its own VLAN / subnet. That enables us to join multiple ports within the room but keep that room isolated from the other rooms. It also allows for a common printer that all of the other VLANs can see. We have done this before with other business grade firewalls, but we are using the 305 as our edge device because of the multi WAN and VoIP QoS capabilities.



@scotttunis, can you share your hardware revision and firmware version?


7.0.2 build 2167
Hardware revision 2


Can you further explain what do you mean “interface locking up when we get over 50 Vlans.” ? The WebAdmin cannot load ? How you recover the issue ? Do you test with other Internet browser ?

Just for your information, we just tested created 128 VLANs, no issue on it.


Interface does not load in any browser under local IP address, we get a white screen with red text stating “Ops, something went wrong” or of that nature.

To resolve the problem we press the reset button and start again. We tried twice to register 60 VLANs with DHCP scope of 100 addresses per VLAN.


Do you mean after you refreshed the browser then you have no issue to continue setup the Vlan? This issue happens every time when you browse the Balance 305’s LAN settings?


No. When we add all 60 of the VLANs and restart the device with active sessions across those VLANs the interface will not load. The device locks up and we get a white screen with red text stating “Ops, something went wrong” or something like this.


Please open a support ticket here for us to further check. Look like the issue is not on how many VLAN can be supported for the B305.


We have reached out to support but have not heard back after our last reply which is posted below:

Dear Peplink Support,

In addition to firewall OS crashing when 60 VLANs and 200 clients are created/active, we are also experiencing the following issues when only 2 VLANS are active (please see screen shots below):
Please let me know if your engineering department is able to replicate our production environment on their end and provide copy of logs/ DHCP table to prove Peplink Balance 305 can support 128 VLANs and 500 hosts.
Thank you for your time in advance!

DHCP not releasing addresses properly: set to 15 mins at 5:30am, has only renewed only 6 addresses after 45 mins:




DHCP clients not showing for subnet (VOIP):




Firewall operating temperature showing 124F with room temperate of 74F and CPU load of under 5%:


VOIP clients are showing on “client list” but not in DHCP table. No other active DHCP routers or server are active on the network:



Bandwidth Usage for this client (pretty busy network) Just FYI: