Balance 305 External https access issue

I’ve upgraded our Cisco RV router to a Balance 305 (H/W rev 2, F/W 6.2.0 build 1333), and now users are unable to access our web application which is on port 443, I’ve searched the forums and tried a bunch of things however haven’t had any luck getting this to work and my users are running out of patience!

Hoping that maybe there’s something simple I’m missing and by posting here someone can point me in the right direction, have attached screen dumps of my services and firewall config for my ‘MyApp’ application, if I put the Cisco back in everything works again, however I don’t want to have to go that route.

Anyone have any thoughts please?

Try changing the source port of your firewall rule to “Any” as the source could be random port number if it is behind a NAT router. Also make sure the Balance is not configured to use the same port for web admin access under System> Admin Security> Admin Settings.


Thanks! I had made sure the balance wasn’t using that port, however changing the source port to ANY resolved the issue, thanks again.