Balance 30 - Web/Upstream QoS, or User Bandwidth Limits?

We have a Peplink 30, using with a T1 and cable internet connection. Cable connection has max upstream of 5mbps, and 25mbps down. We’re having a problem lately where iPhones will start to upload/sync photos, or the person’s computer will kick off a Crashplan backup, and it completely saturates the upstream bandwidth we have. Is there any way to adjust the Peplink 30’s settings to not allow this to occur? Do we need to update to a newer firmware? (we’re at 5.4.4 build 1500). Do we need to upgrade to better hardware?

We have our “WAN” upstream setting set to 5mbps in the WAN configuration. Should we try setting this lower (-10% of 5mbps?)

Any help/advice would be appreciated, as we’re about to lose our minds.


On current 6.2 firmware you will have the ability to set bandwidth limits where you can limit the up/download speeds (will apply to the entire LAN on that model, B305 and above you can create groups to limit certain IP’s/Networks. Network/WAN, setting the upload to 5 will not limit the up/down speeds. It is more used for Outbound Policy purposes. Such as the Overflow Algorithm: Once a connection reaches 90% of bandwidth (defined by the up/down WAN settings) it will start sending new sessions to the next WAN link.

You may obtain current firmware here: