Balance 30 LTEA - Verizon E911 Compatibility


Verizon is stating that they cannot provide a SIM card for our BPL-031-LTEA-W-T unit. This is because the IMEI comes up E911 incompatible in their system. The Peplink support site clearly shows comparability with the Verizon network for this unit in the U.S. so I’m a bit confused on how to proceed. I did read a forum topic with a similar issue and it was that Peplink needed to forward the IMEI number to Verizon as sometimes they don’t always get added. The IMEI number for this unit is . The serial number is . Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


@arforster, sometimes the IMEI upload process fails and we need to manually re-upload it. I just did so and you should be all set now, sorry for the hassle.

I have edited your post to remove the IMEI and SN. Thanks


Thanks Tim! I plan to add an AT&T SIM as well. Would the IMEI upload process have updated their network as well?


You should have no trouble with any of the other carriers. Thanks