Balance 30 LTE - two Verizon SIMs active simultaneously


Is it possible to aggregate the bandwidth of two Verizon SIM cards running in tandem? Will Verizon allow the same MEID to have two different cards? Or does the Balance handle this with two different MEIDs?

I have a Balance 30 LTE and a Balance One at my disposal to test this out. Thanks!

@Xerxes It should work. However, based on our experience, if we connect to multiple cellular of the same ISP, usually we won’t get a aggregated bandwidth compared with using sim cards from different ISP, due to some bandwidth managing mechanism done on the ISP’s radio tower.

Also, both the 30 LTE and Balance One don’t support dual sim cards, so I’m not sure how you’re going to test this. With modem dongle perhaps? If you got the hardwares at your disposal feel free to test this out. :smiley:

Hi @Kv_Chen,

Good to know that both SIM slots cannot be used concurrently. I may be able to try with a USB hotspot.

Does the Balance LTE need any special configuration to get it to aggregate two LTE connections?

Link aggregation (Link Load Balancing) is define base on outbound policy. You can define the outbound policy base on your requirement.

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