Balance 30 Firewall setup for PPTP VPN

Hello, I am not able to access the Internet or remote network hosts when I connect to my Balance 30 PPTP server. I suspect that I need an appropriate Firewall rule

Please can someone advise how to setup the appropriate inbound firewall rule??? I searched the forum – the Balance 30 does not have any “internal network” as source in the firewall setup page.

I wish these kinds of things were in the VPN FAQ.

Many thanks

I created a single rule in the Firewall configuration (Inbound Firewall Configuration) with the following settings:

Rule Name: PPTP
Enable: Yes
WAN Connection: Any
Protocol: Any
Source IP & Port: IP= Mask=
Destination IP & Port: IP= Mask=
Action: Allow
Event Logging: Enable

You will need to change the source & destination addressing from (and the mask) to match your LAN addressing.

This enabled me to VPN in and access endpoints/equipment on my LAN (previously I could only access the actual Balance 30 via the VPN).

This configuration still seems a bit weird TBH, i.e. having a rule with the same source & destination but it works…

Cheers Ian