Balance 30 Firewall options


I’m using a Peplink Balance 30, firmware: 6.3.0 build 3100.
I want to control the outbound firewall rules, so users inside my network can’t access Facebook. After adding the rule, no effect because of HTTPS (users can still open Facebook via HTTPS protocol), is there any solution to that?

Another question, is there any way to block Facebook even if users are using Proxy/VPN? All of them are using VPN to bypass the Peplink firewall settings!



Can you share us the defined outbound firewall rules (screenshot) ?

You can’t block Facebook access if user are using Proxy/VPN as the traffics sent using Proxy/VPN is unknown to Balance 30.

Workaround, do consider to block user to establish VPN connection or proxy connections.

Thank You

Thanks Sitloongs!

Here is the rule:

If the traffic sent using Proxy/VPN is unknown to Balance 30, is there any other “tricky” way to do it? Please note that we can’t block Proxy/VPN connections (it’s necessary to our activity).

The easiest way is to request blocking facebook at proxy/VPN gateway since the traffics were encrypted and invisible by Balance router.