Balance 30 Balancing not working after WAN down/up


We have a Peplink Balance 30 with 2 WAN connected at an customer of ours.
The Peplink is only functioning for VOIP through SIP en RTP, there are 2 WAN’s because the 1 WAN was insufficient for good quality VOIP.

My problem:
WAN interface 3 went down and came up some minutes later.
The problems is that the Peplink isn’t balancing the lines anymore. (See picture 1)

In picture 2 u can see my Outbound policy (Only WAN 1 and 3 are connected)

I guess the lines will be balanced good after i done a reboot of the Peplink, but i cannot do that because our customer is calling all day long.

Another problem could be that the VOIP phones (Connected to there Phone central in the Cloud) are connected through a specific WAN IP, so it wont get to the other WAN. On the other side, a balancer should choose the WAN port it may go to the internet. But this is just a thought.


I would double check your outbound policy rules as well. Per that rule traffic is only being weighted if it is going to the destination address of
Also note that rules take precedence from top to bottom. For us to take a closer look I would open a support ticket with us and turn on remote assistance: