Balance 210, Speedfusion throughput in different hardware

I can’t find information about actual Speedfusion throughput in different hardware releases.
is it software or hardware limited? does it depends on firmware version?
What is Speedfusion throughput for Balance 210 V1? V2? V3?

If I connect Balance 210 hardware release 2 and Balance 210 hardware release 3 , what will be maximum Speedfusion speed for them?

By the way, if I purchase third-wan activation licence for Balance 210 hardware version 3 (in old-style enclosure 4 LAN + 2 WAN), which port will be WAN3?


Only B210 hardware version 4 is capable of activating the 3rd WAN port.

B210 HW2 & B210 HW3 having the same router/Speedfusion throughput.

Router: 100Mbps
Speedfusion: 30Mbps

Thank You

Is it a hardware limitation or software?
What is common speed with Speedfusion for theese devices?
may I expect a short-time peak speed upgrades to 40-50mbps (even if internet channels are ok)?


Expected SpeedFusion throughput for Balance 210 Hw2/3 is 30Mbps and below.

Can you elaborate more on this? What you mean internet channel are ok?

If i have three channel 15 + 15 + 15 mbps.
The common usage of bandwith is less than 30 mbps (average 15-20), but when I need peak throughput (like downloads short youtube video), will it excess 30 mbps for a short time (2-3 minutes)?

Assuming you are talking about internet traffic route over SpeedFusion tunnel. SpeedFusion throughput for Balance 210 Hw2/3 is 30Mbps. If you need 40-50Mbps (even temporary), I do recommend to go for Balance 210 Hw4. Please find here for the details.