Balance 210 (Speed & Hosting)

I just bought a used Balance 210. Now, I am seeing that it says Max Throughput is 80Mbs. Does that mean that if I have three 80Mbs connections that are bonded that ~80 is the max speed I can expect? If so, trading for a Balance One would in theory allow me to use full bandwidth? Reliability is the goal, but speed is a bonus.

The Balance 210 is out of contract. This doesn’t prevent me from having a Solo SpeedFusion license for bonding does it? Anything else I should consider?

Is there a list of recommendations for low-cost SpeedFusion hosting? Vultr is great, but there is likely a similar priced service geared to SpeedFusion. May us ~300GB/m.

I do appreciate the time very much, so thank you in advance.


Hi Steve - which Hardware revision is the B210?

If its HW4 then yes the encrypted Speedfusion throughput is rated at 80Mbps ( anything less and it was about 30Mbps I think).

Assuming its a HW4 then yes - over speedfuson, although its more (150Mbps) if you turn off the encryption. Straight to WAN routing throughput is 350Mbps on a HW4 B210.

Not over SpeedFusion - Balance one maxes out at 60Mbps with no encryption about 30Mbps with.
You’d need a B710 which does 400Mbps of Speedfuson throughput to use 3 x 80Mbps of bandwidth fully.

No. But you will have to manually configure the SF VPN as IC2 won’t talk to an out of warranty device. You also won’t be able to remotely manage or monitor it via IC2.

Vultr. I do 10’s of Tb’s of Speedfusion through Vultr hosted Fusionhubs every month.


Hi Martin.

It is v4 so 80 is the max then… across all connections. My problem is that the LTE connection for whatever reason (VZ tower team cannot figure it out) just stops responding for enough time to keep a page from loading. So I have multiple data accounts since all do not get hit at the same time. Each can pull 80+Mbs.

I do not need encryption. So you are saying 3 VZ connections could in theory provide a download speed of 240 (3*80) if not encrypted? Not 100% sure that is what you said. In case I am misunderstanding, what is the maximum download I could expect with encryption off?

That is good to know about Vultr. It sounds like that is your suggestion. Since you know what to do, if I do this, could I pay you to set it up for me? I’ve seen some guides but would rather leave it to an expert. I just have one device that I am using at home.

A failover isn’t really what I am looking at since the time it would take to switch connections is great then the time that the first connection not responding.

Thanks Martin.

150Mbps over an unencrypted Speedfusion tunnel.

Sure - we can talk about that on private message if you like. Although I did make a video here showing how to do it which you could follow if you like: Setting Up FusionHub on Vultr – Martin Langmaid – SDWAN Architect

Do you see a massive latency spike when this happens? If you do then yes SF (with latency cut off enabled on each WAN might help).

Either way, before you go down the SF route, you should try the fastest response time load balancing algorithm to see if that helps during those page load glitch times.


From the description video I see a br1 with cellular connection. Do I need a BR1 to set up speed fusion hub? Thank you

No not at all. It was just what I had on the work bench when I made the video.


Thank you for the response. So I have a balance 20 with my two hotspots connected to the two wan ports. What is my best bet to do speed fusion? I’m watching your video and trying to figure how to replicate it. Thank you

If you have a Balance 20 the only way you can use SpeedFusion is by signing up to Peplinks SpeedFusion Cloud service.

But the title of this post is Balance 210… so if you have a Balance 210 you can either use Speedfusion Cloud, or you can host a Fusionhub yourself and point your Balance 210 at it.

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Sorry to be a bother. So going by your video if I have the balance 210(I guess regardless of HW version) I’ll replace the part that has the BR1 with the balance 210. Correct?

Not completely regardless. Fusionhub started with Firmware 8.0.2 and is incompatible with any firmware on the remote device running 6.1 or older.

Yes that’s right.

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I’m looking at one I want to get and want to find out if I can tell the hardware version by the serial number? Thank you

As a follow up my balance 20 has firmware 8.1.0. Per your last response is that to say it can do Fusionhub? Thank you

You could log a ticket with support and ask, or try and add it to incontrol2 and if you can you’ll see the hw version there under details perhaps.

Yes, but you can’t bond traffic using a Balance 20 via a fusionhub. Seamless hot failover will work though. You can only bond using speedfusion cloud on the balance 20.

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One last question. Can the surf SOHO MK3 do multi wan load balancing and also what is the throughput on that for speed fusionhub? Thank you I’m advance

Yes, but not Speedfusion Bonding via A Fusionhub - think you can use SpeedFusion Cloud for bonding though. .

PepVPN throughput on a SOHO is 20Mbps / 40Mbps (with / without encryption)

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Thank you so much