Balance 20x: Constant WiFi dropping after 1-5sec. Endless Associated/Dissociated.

See Event Log attached. Balance 20X, 8.1.3 build 5060.

Client reporting they’re unable to get on the WiFi, or only for a second. Log confirms that they’re getting kicked off after at most 5sec.

I opened up both 2.4 & 5GHz to access all channels – previously was set to 5GHz only – which did not fix anything.

Any thoughts as to what’s going on here, and how to resolve the issue?


The issue only happen for 1 device ? Do you have other device that connected to the same SSID having the same issue ?

Do you try this before ?

Thank you for the suggestion. Yes, it was happening for multiple devices.

The user ended up creating a new SSID and didn’t have any issues connecting.

Maybe there was some issue with manually selected WiFi channels on the original SSID, even though I thought I cleared those? It’s mysterious to me still, but I’ll follow up if I learn anything.