Balance 20x CAT-7 what bands/modem?

Does anyone know what modem is in the Balance 20x (sku BPL-021X-LTEA-US-T-PRM) CAT-7? Is it sierra, telit, etc? Also what bands does this sku support? B14/Firstnet support?

If I need 2 wired ethernet WANs and two cellular WANs will the B20x be able to keep up? 1x cable internet or fiber connection, 1x starlink, 2x cellular

What would be best option: Using usb port and ethernet adapter for 2nd ethernet WAN or paying for the LAN to WAN license to use one LAN port as the 2nd ethernet WAN? If the LAN to WAN license is used, does that WAN show up and can be used like any normal WAN? Dragged between priorities on the dashboard, etc?

Finally, what is SIM card size for the new CAT-7 B20x and the flex module CAT-12 firstnet? There are past posts saying Peplink devices are all Micro but it looks like the MAX Adapter is nano so wanted to check…

Thank you.

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any info or datasheet on this model? thanks

@mystery, the product is targeted to launch around the end of Q2 to Q3 this year, please stay tuned for more details.

Thank you. Can you comment whether any hardware will be refreshed, or its just a different cellular modem? Will it have B14/First NET support? I need to place an order so debating whether to wait or not. Thank you.

this could be great news, if it’s still capped at 100mbps between cellular, flexmodule, and usb modem, this isn’t much to get excited for. I dropped $2k on a balance 310 5G as a “work around”, it’s great, but i wish peplink was more transparent about the performance of the hardware.
It’s still a great value for reliability, i was just expecting to use the bandwidth the modem could perform at. (usb/flexmodule/internal modem). You could always use a sierra em7411/usb enclosure and get modem firmware updates from sierra regularly.

Yes, that was what I am getting at… will we still see the device capped around 100mbps through those interfaces? Will it have new hardware that supports faster Speedfusion throughput, etc.

This is just a cellular module upgrade for the time being. The benefit for this upgrade is better band support.

We understand there are situations we need a faster throughput device. We are working on that but the industry supply chain constrain is still a challenge. We expect this newer device (B20X Pro) would be ready around Q4 this year.

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Thank you. Do you mind listing the bands that will be available / what modem will be used?

I was able to get the Band information: LTE: B2, B4, B5, B7, B12, B13, B14, B25, B26, B41, B42, B43, B48, B66, B71. 3g: B2, B4, B5

Still curious what modem will be used? Also, two antenna ports like existing Cat-4 and Cat-12 or 4 antenna ports? Thanks!

Does anyone know the difference between HW1 and HW3 on the Cat-4 20x? Thanks

@mystery, it looks like Wei Ming provided the answer here -