Balance 20 with Port Forwarding and Misc Issues


I have been working with tech support for a few days now with very limited contact on my issues so I thought I’d branch out to the community and see if anyone else has these problem.

I have port forwarding set up so that inbound port 80 traffic goes to and an inbound firewall rule to send all inbound traffic to a single address of Doesnt work.
Internally I can put and see my IIS start page. If I type in my public IP address it times out.

Also I have PPTP setup and I can connect fine. I get served an IP address, BUT I lose local internet and I cant see anything on the network past t he VPN device. I have a firewall rule set

Rule Name-VPN
WAN connection-Any
Source IP and Port
Destination IP and Port Any
Event Logging-unchecked

My Balance 20 IP address is internally and sends out DHCP range of -
My internal webserver is It originally was but I changed it to something inside the DHCP scope to rule that out.

Anyone that could help would be great. If not getting ready to go buy something else and move on.

Also, I went to my web server and typed in my external IP address and could see my IIS start page. Seems odd that its the on device internally and externally that can see the IIS start page on both IPs.

I think you are having issues with your firewall rules. Let’s start by having you temporarily set them back to the defaults of allow all for both inbound and outbound and retest. Once we confirm your port forwarding is working we can go from there…

I did and still have same issues.

How are you confirming that port forwarding is not working? Are you testing it outside of your own internal network?

Yes, I have people outside the office try and browser the external IP address.

Do you have web admin WAN access enabled? If so, what port? It can’t be 80 if you are trying to forward 80 traffic to your server.

Yes, I have configure many web servers behind firewalls before. I have my web admin set to a completely different port.

Is the Peplink the only router and firewall on this network?

There are 2 cable modems set to bridge mode that go straight into the balance 20. The server is connected directly to the balance 20. I can also access my balance 20 web admin from outside the network as well.

Something is my mind which may help you …
please check the default gateway on your web server , it should point to the Peplink Balance LAN IP Address.

Maybe something is hung up in the configuration. Could you factory reset it and start over from scratch? Just configure the basic stuff only and leave the firewall open for now?

It is just a suggestion, and it would give us a clean slate to start with.