Balance 20 USB WIFI adapter support

Is it possible to use a WIFI to USB adapter in the USB port on the Balance 20? I have two wired WAN ports in use and would like to use the USB port as the third WAN connection. There is a third wireless network available for this purpose.

Hi DBremer,

This is not officially supported by Peplink.

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Is it unofficially possible?

I am using an Invizbox 2 (ipvanish VPN) that offers up 4 individual networks, one wired and three wireless. The 1st WAN port on the Balance 20 is connected to the Ethernet port on the Invizbox. The second WAN port is connected to one of the WIFI networks on the Invizbox using a TP-link client device. I figure there should be a way to use the USB port in a similar fashion.

I attempted to purchase the license to enable a 3rd WAN port on the Balance 20 but was told that my Balance 20 isn’t supported because “it’s hardware is too new” .

I haven’t tried this before so I can’t say for sure if this is something that may work for now.

Did you reach out to a reseller to purchase this? I’m not aware of any issues with this but am reaching out internally.

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I ordered from Baltic Networks. Later they emailed me that it wouldn’t work and refunded my money.

Did you find anything on this issue?

Hello DBremer,

I sent you a PM on steps that you can take to purchase the license. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

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Thanks, I missed that!

I emailed sales.

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