Balance 20 stopped logging daily and monthly bandwidth

Any ideas why the graphs on daily and monthly bandwidth in “Status” would stop displaying a couple months ago? They both have data up to Aug 16, 2016 (it’s now mid October). The table view for both also stop in August. If I go to “Real-Time” monitor its live and showing fresh data. Is there a way to clear those logs and get it reset or scroll the graph?

Hi John,

May i know the firmware version running the B20 ? If the device still running using old firmware, can you please arrange to upgrade using the latest firmware ? This will isolate any firmware related issue. You can get the latest firmware by using the URL below:

If you still find the issue after upgrading using the latest firmware version, please open a support ticketherefor the team to further check.

Thank You

Thanks for the reply. The unit is on 6.1.0 build 2517. I will try and upgrade the firmware as soon as I can arrange some downtime with the users.