Balance 20 - Power On, Solid Red Status


I have a Balance 20 hardly, if ever, used.

I powered it up the other day and I believe it was running on v5.4 firmware. I was able to access the web admin pages normally. I tried uploading firmware v6.3 via the web admin page. This activity just caused the device to hang with a solid red status LED. I was able to reset to factory setting via the reset button.

Then I tried the same method, manual firmware upload, of v6.1. The device also hung and after 20-30 min.

I tried factory reset with no luck, and then I unplugged the device.

At this point,

  • the power LED comes on solid green and the status LED stays solid red.
  • Trying factory reset does nothing.
  • accessing via, no luck
  • nmap shows the device at this IP ‘up’ but with no open ports.

What else can I do?




Please open a support ticket here for the team to further investigate.

Thank You