Balance 20 lowering my speed

Hey guys,

First time poster here, I love my Peplink balance, I had General rule to Weighted Balance WAN2 (10mbps) on 7 and WAN 1 (3Mbps) on 3, everything was working fine until recently, my WAN2 began going down to 2mbps or lower, I thought it was my ISP, but I called them, connected the modem directly to my Imac and the speed would be at 10Mbps, I would go back to the Balance 20, connect and it would go down to 2Mbps.

I would disconnect WAN2 and try WAN1 speed, and it would be near 3Mbps… so it seems it’s not the Peplink.

I decided to change some rules, I deleted the UDP 4500/500 rules, changed the “General” from Weighted Balance (3/7) to Overflow, Well, these are outbound policy rules at the moment, speed seems to be back to normal.

I have searched this forum and others, exhaustively looking for a definitive answer, but so far, no luck. I was wondering if anybody here could give advice on how to properly set up my outbound policies, anything would be very helpful to me, thanks :smiley:

The first Overflow rule and the General rule takes care of the same traffic.

The HTTPS rule never executes because the General rule captures all traffic.

To fix this, put specific rules up top, and catchall rules at the bottom. HTTPS and SMTP rules up top. Remove Overflow and General. The Last Item (default) can be used to do the job of General, and is the catch all rule.

How did you test the WAN2 and found that it went down to 2Mbps? e.g.: some speed test tools or etc?

Have you seen the Real-Time bandwidth monitor in Web Admin > “Status > Bandwidth > Real-Time” at that moment?