Balance 20 - line bonding web pages freezing


Just installed this and looking for some assistance.
I have 2 x adsl lines one on 16mb down / 1 mb up other on 8mb down / 1mb up
I have ran the speed test on the site to confirm that the line speed produced the bonded speed. (this required you to set default setting on outgoing policy)
In this state, end users will browse okay , but very often pages will freeze, often just refreshing that same web page will load fine.

can anyone assist on me on this. or suggest the best agorthym to use, i do wish to make use of the bonded state line to enable the higher speed download/upload…

Balance 20 firmware .**5.4.6 build 1585


The first thing I am going to try is to connect one ADSL directly to a PC and see if page freeze persists. If it does then probably we need to talk to the ISP.

Anyone else seeing this with Balance 20 on 5.4.6?

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