Balance 20 Limited Speed

My Balance 20 (Serial 1824-74D7-7E99 / HW Rev 1 / Firmware 6.1.0 build 2517) will not process more than 36Mbps despite having one of my WAN connections with > 100 Mbps bandwidth. (If I connect directly to my ISP router, I can consistently get 90+ Mbps.)

I have read through lots of posts, the manual, and experimented with various settings. I have manually forced WAN and LAN connections speeds (with and without advertising). WAN speed limits are correct. Traffic is routing through my preferred WAN connection. (My second WAN connection is a slow DSL connection.) I do not see anything obviously wrong in the configuration. I’ve experimented with MTU settings (set to AUTO currently), and just about anything else that seems reasonable. I typically see little or no difference in the tests I’ve conducted.

What concerns me is a post on your site that stated early versions of the Balance 20 hardware limited connection speeds to around 30 Mbps.

Can you confirm this with my 20? I thought this unit was listed as supporting 100Mbps.


Hi Eric,

  1. Please ensure you configure 100Mbps Full Duplex without Advertise Speed on B20’s WAN port and ISP router’s LAN port. Fixed port speed and duplex mode in either box will not help.

  2. Your laptop is directly connected to B20’s LAN port when you do the speed test? If not, please try it.

  3. If step 1 and 2 doesn’t help, please put a switch (dump switch will do) in between B20’s WAN port and ISP router.

Thank you.