Balance 20 keeps disconnecting LAN


I have a balance 20 that keeps disconnecting all LAN clients 3-4 times a day.

It is still reachable through inControl when this happens and not locked up.

The device will show 0 clients and all internal computers and devices lose internet access.Rebooting the router resolves the issue until the next time.

Rebooting the switch does not resolve the issue and computers still have connection to internal resources.

All clients go offline regardless of DHCP or Static IP.

The router event log shows nothing out of the ordinary when it happens.

I have already swapped the router for a new one. HW3 to HW6 and it is running the latest firmware. There are 2 pepvpn tunnels, there are no ip subnet conflicts through the tunnels.

I have checked the LAN for switching loops.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance, Lucas


Hello lucask,

Can you please download a diagnostic report when this is happening and open a ticket here? This will allow us a better chance to look at what’s happening with the Balance 20.


I suspect you have a rogue static IP LAN device that is intermittently using the same IP address as your Balance. Been there, done that, which is why I don’t like devices that are hard coded to a static IP. Too easy for a user who thinks they are helping you by adding a device that conflicts. That would explain why you can still reach the Balance via inControl, since inControl comes in through the WAN.

I assume you don’t have a huge number of LAN clients since you’re using a 20. Are all the known devices connected via DHCP? If yes, I suggest changing your LAN address range. If there is a rogue device on static IP, the rogue device would still be on your current address range so no longer a problem.


i submitted a ticket with diagnostic report.

The ip conflict is something i have not checked. I do have static ips on the network including domain controllers so it would be hard to change ip subnet.

What i can do though is unplug the B20 and see if i can still ping that address.


i disconnected the B20 and there was nothing else on the network with the same address